Electrified Power Equipment™


Vanair® is leading the charge in electrified Mobile Power Solutions® with our EPEQ™ technology. EPEQ is a comprehensive, end-to-end, patent pending system, of zero emission and quiet Electrified Power Equipment™. Powered by Vanair’s specifically developed line of ELiMENT™ Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, EPEQ allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine and still run the equipment you need on the jobsite.

The EPEQ system provides a universal solution to internal combustion engine (I.C.E), EV, or hybrid applications for: air, electrical, fluid transfer, charging, and welding.


The EPEQ™ series for clean, quiet, Mobile Power Solutions® is perfect for: all fleet industries, road construction, heavy moving equipment; mining, municipalities, oil and gas, HVAC, fire/ rescue, marine, RV/ recreation, crane/ lifting, and light commercial service vehicles.

Clean, Quiet, Power™

Reduced Emissions & Idle Mitigation

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Faster Resolutions, Data Driven Benefits

Operational Efficiency


ELiMENT™ Battery
& Battery Mgmt. System


The ELiMENT™ Battery is the “heart” of the EPEQ system. These safe and “smart” LiFePO4 batteries contain multiple individual cells that are monitored by the battery management system (BMS). ELiMENT batteries are designed to fit in compact spaces, including a service body side-pack or van shelving package, are easily mounted, and include quick connect plugs for ease of installation and relocation. A one-of-a-kind BMS monitors multiple individual battery cells and can discharge power while being charged back simultaneously.


Air Compressors

EPEQ™ Air Compressors are designed to be ultra-efficient when paired with the ELiMENT™ Battery. These compressors communicate to the ELiMENT™ BMS and are designed to extend battery life and provide optimal performance. The EPEQ™ AIR20 is a 20 CFM at 150 PSI, reciprocating compressor which is ideal for intermittent air use. The EPEQ™ AIR45 is a 20-45 CFM at 150 PSI, rotary screw compressor and is perfect for air on demand applications.


Underdeck Electric
Driven Compressor

The EPEQ™ Underdeck160 package gives you all the features, benefits, and quality in the latest Vanair® underdeck compressors, but is now operated via the ELiMENT™ Battery pack. The self-contained 300V ELiMENT Battery allows you to operate the 160 CFM (dual pressure) underdeck compressor on any vehicle and can be mounted in any configuration. As with all EPEQ components, the EPEQ Underdeck system includes communications for ease of operation and installation. Additionally, patent-pending features of our standard underdecks, include: the FailSafe™ Dual Sensory Redundancy System, ThermalGuard® Weather Protection Kit, UltraLife® Air/Oil Separator Element, V-TEC® II Control System, and our Optical Oil Level Sensor.

Abovedeck Electric
Driven Compressor


The EPEQ™ Abovedeck160 Electric Driven system is a 160 CFM at 150 PSI. It has all the same features as our Underdeck Electric Driven system, that utilizes a 300V ELiMENT™ Battery, in a modular design for flexible mounting configurations. Vanair® didn’t just simply mount a compressor to an electric motor – these compressor/PMAC motor configurations are tested for optimal performance.

AC Power Inverters

AC Power

The EPEQ™ 48V AC Power Inverter lineup includes Pure Sine Wave high frequency inverters to fit any need. All EPEQ™ high frequency inverters communicate with the ELiMENT™ Battery and Battery Management System for simple, efficient use, and installation. The EPEQ™ Inverter3000 is a 3000 watt, 120VAC output. The EPEQ™ Inverter5000 offers a 5000 watt, 240VAC output and is stackable to offer additional power output. Both inverters offer remote on/off and a port for simple installation of a remote outlet box. Low frequency options are also available.


Hydraulic Power


Now, you can power your hydraulic crane, boom truck, and other hydraulic operated components using our EPEQ™ power system and ELiMENT™ Battery. This new way to operate hydraulic components is the best fit for electric vehicles and vehicles that do not have a traditional power take off (PTO) setup, or in instances when you want to power hydraulics with the vehicle off. The EPEQ™ Hydraulic Power system operates like a traditional PTO/pump setup, meaning there’s no need for a full re-engineering of your hydraulic equipment. Custom solutions are available in multiple flow rates and pressures.


EV Charging


Charge electric vehicles when away from a permanent mount EV charger. The ability to charge an electric vehicle without the need for an additional internal combustion engine (I.C.E.) and without the need to move heavy components sets the EPEQ™ EV Charger apart from the competition. The modular design of our entire EPEQ product lineup allows the customer to add EV charging capabilities to an already installed EPEQ™ Air Compressor system or add an EPEQ Compressor to an existing EPEQ EV Charging Module. Level 2 charging available.

Lithium Welder


The Vanair® EPEQ™ Welder140 is a 140A, CC Stick Welder which combines the flexibility of lithium-powered welding with Vanair’s long history of providing top-level welding capabilities. The ability to carry the entire welder and cables (34 lbs. total weight) right next to the equipment being worked on, makes the EPEQ Welder extremely user-friendly for those fast repair jobs.

DC-DC Converters for Auxiliary Power

48V input to 12V output. Offered in 60A, 100A, and 150A. Provides the power when the vehicle is off for emergency lighting.

EPEQ™ DC-DC CONVERTER – 48V to 12V, 100A


Charging Methods

The EPEQ™ system operates at 48V rather than the standard 12V vehicle charge system, a 48V power source, or a converter, must be used to transform from 12V to 48V power or you can use shore power.

DC-DC Converters (Charging)


The EPEQ™ DC-DC Converter, easily converts 12V input to 48V output to charge the ELiMENT™ Battery, available in 30A charge rates. Recharges the battery back while driving.

Alternators and Regulators


The EPEQ™ Alternator and Regulator is the perfect addition to charge your ELiMENT™ battery under hood within 1-2 hours. By adding the EPEQ alternator, your EPEQ system stays charged with no user interaction. The EPEQ™ Alternator and Regulator communicates with the ELiMENT™ Battery and automatically adjusts power output based on needs. This ensures long battery life, safe operation, and optimal performance.


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